Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trying on my new outfit!

CORE Blogs have made the move from Movable Type to Word Press, and I'm trying to find an outfit that fits. I'm currently working my way through the templates to see which one I like... and the one that I think suits me...

The move of our blogs is quite timely as I have been thinking recently about the purpose of my blog. I reflect lots on paper and have a reflective journal to support my thinking - I contribute to my reflection journal occasionally and have found this a useful process for revisiting my experiences. I've heard time and time again that blogs can be used for this very purpose. Up until now I have had reservations about 'recording' these reflections in a public domain. Mostly because I know that what I think today, right now may not be what I think tomorrow, later on...and Im not too keen on being held to my 'thinking' processes.

Actually I think that as I grow professionally and personally my views should always be changing. I recently ran a "Reflective Teaching" workshop and encouraged early childhood teachers to record their thinking in journals...I have finally realised that its okay to make statements and believe in something right now, right here...and if it changes tomorrow...then it does...thats healthy and thats ongoing learning.

So stay tuned for "right here, right now" thinking and posting...and keep and eye on my outfit aka template as I keep trying to find the one that suits.

Perhaps you could dance to Nesian's as you wait...:-)

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