Friday, February 6, 2009

Photography connects us...a photo a day!

I took the time out this morning to catch up with my TedTalks and randomly chose David Griffin's talk on how Photography connects us with the world, he highlighted many points that confirm why I love photos, some of the ways photography inspires me include:

1. Photos can capture moments in time

2. Photos can provoke emotion

3. Photos can tell stories

This talk then prompted me to re-visit some of my earlier bookmarks about photography, Ive posted about photography here and here.  And I often visit the Auckland Festival of Photography site to check out new photos of my hometown, with this image by Manuel Toribio - THE FLIGHT now my new favourite.

Photo by Manuel Toribio - The Flight

I then went back to my starred blog posts from Dean Shareski about his journey of 'a photo a day' for a year.  You can find his thoughts on the topic here, here and hereWesley Fryer also appears in my starred blog posts for his discussion about the Flickr group "Telling a Story with 5 Photos for educators".  Their group was inspired by another Flickr Group "Tell a story in 5 frames" which can be found here. I actually first learned of this concept through Ewan McIntosh while in one if his sessions at Ulearn07 in Auckland.

So as you may have gathered I really like photos, Im one of those people, hoping there are more like me where photos in one way or another inspire me, especially artistic-kind-of-abstracy-ones taken by professional photographers.  Unfortunately, I'm not too good at taking them myself and dont have a fancy camera or such like to match my enthusiasm, just a cheap digital one that is always set to automatic and very rarely charged.  So in light of this mornings research/surfing/inspiration Ive decided to set a belated New Years 2009 resolution.  Ive been debating whether or not I should participate in the "A Photo a Day" concept for some time now, purely for my own personal entertainment and in my opinion a wonderful way to sharpen my photography skills (one of the benefits mentioned at PhotoJojo). Ive decided that today I will start my very own library of "One Photo A Day".  I'm thinking of uploading to Flickr rather than here on the blog so that I can streamline tag and keep them all organised.  Stay tuned or shall I say stay focussed for updates. (Pun totally intended!)

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