Monday, May 10, 2010

I Can Animate

I have a 10-year old son. He has the attention span of a fly (usually). He's incredibly creative, inquisitive and articulate and is awesome with ICT. This afternoon we asked him to teach his younger brother and sisters how to create an animation. All four of them set out on their first animation creation. They watched this several times on completion and when asked what things they might like to improve on here is what they came up with:

*No hands
*Too many shadows
*Stay in one place

Watch this space for more animations over the coming months.

NB: Excuse the storyline. We don't condone violence in our family but when you see children engaged (all 4 of our kids spent at least 2 hours exploring I Can Animate this afternoon) you kind of have to roll with it. See for yourself :)


  1. Hi Naketa
    This is so what a 10 year old boy would dream up! Think it's a fantastic first try!
    Margaret May

  2. Thanks Margaret.
    Congratulations on your CORE Education e-fellowship! He had to teach the other kids how to do it without actually doing any himself so was great leadership development for him, and patience I guess. Here is an animation he and his friends created at school

    Let's catch up F2F some time :D


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