Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Uploading Comic Life to Blogger

Throughout the past few weeks I have had several teachers ask me how to upload a Comic Life to their Blogger blog. Below I have detailed how to do this.

Step One: Create your Comic Life document. When you have finished and ready to post to your blog. Click File --> Export --> Export to Image(s).

Step Two: A dialog box prompting you to save your file will appear. The software automatically defaults to a JPEG file. You may like to change the resolution and quality depending on the purpose of your Comic Life document. Name your folder, the software automatically creates a folder for your images. So if your document has 3 pages it will save 3 images in your 'folder' called 'Page_1', 'Page_2' and 'Page_3'. Press Export.

Step Three: Open up your blog, go to New Post and click on 'add an image'.

Step Four: Open up your blog, go to New Post and click on 'add an image'. The Blogger dialog box will appear. Click on Choose File and find the folder you just created. Click and open, once you are in there you can click on the Image - usually titled 'Page_1'. You can click on 'Add another image to add up to 5 images at a time'. When you have your images picked. Click on 'Upload image'.

Step Five: You will see a dialog box that says "Your images are being uploaded to Blogger". If your files are large they can take some time to load. Once your images have uploaded you will see a dialog box that says 'Done' or see your post as below.

Step Five: Make sure you have titled your post and added text to the body of your post if required.

Uploaded Comic Life Image

You can enlarge the Comic Life document by clicking on the image. The image will open in another window. This can make it easier to read.


  1. Thanks for the recap on uploading a comic life story, we are practicing doing this with Educare North! Emma

  2. hi can you be more specific

    1. thats meen i like how you explained
      it.that was my son who said you have tobe more specific


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