Friday, July 26, 2013

Ken Robinson on escaping education's death valley.

I've been a fan of Ken Robinson and TED for many years, and posted several years ago on his most popular/earliest talks "Are schools killing creativity?". If you haven't seen this video, this is a must watch for all educators across the globe.

Seven years on from his first enlightening speech, Ken Robinson shares with us his views on escaping education's death valley. He uses his fun witty humor to engage us and take us on another journey.

As I start thinking about the beginning of the school year and my class of 15 children that will join me in a journey of learning - I am prompted to think about my goals, my thoughts and my reflections on how I can make it the best year of learning and teaching. In New Zealand, we use a term called ako - it means teaching and learning and values the role of the learner as a teacher and teacher as a learner.

This year I want to:
* listen more
* laugh more
* feel more

And the quote that's got me thinking on a practical level:

"If you can light the spark of curiosity in a child they will learn without any further assistance, children are natural learners..."

What does this mean for me at TKS?
How can I make the learning in my class engaging, relevant, challenging and significant?
What does relevant mean in the context of TKS?
At it's deepest, most raw state - what does 'curiosity' mean?

I'm looking forward to thinking more about this more over the next few weeks.

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