Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Storytelling through animation.

I've finally purchased a webcam that syncs with I Can Animate on my Macbook Pro. This has been a two year adventure. With the change of firewire ports and many if not all of the newest video cameras operating through USB and or SD cards, and the iSight cameras discontinued it has been somewhat difficult to find a reasonably priced camera that I can use with the newer Macbook Pro, that is robust enough to use with my 4 and 5 year olds in my classroom. I finally found and ordered one though (looks very much like an iSight camera and plugs into a USB port - hooray). So now that I have the camera organised for my new class in the next academic year, I'm looking forward to using this as a digital storytelling tool in my classroom.

Back in 2010 my own children and I explored animation using a raft of resources around the house, you can see the post here. In my role as ICT Facilitator working alongside Onehunga-Cuthbert Kindergarten we explored the notion of digital storytelling. (One of my many passions with reflections/blogposts here, here, here, here and here). Onehunga-Cuthbert Kindergarten were showcased on the New Zealand Ministry of Education Website spotlighting their work with animation and the power of this medium for storytelling - you can see Cassidy's digital story here.

As we are on Summer Vacation here is Saudi Arabia I gave the camera and computer to my own children once again to figure out how to use the tools. My youngest daughter was the first to give this a go, and created this mini-video:

After, the exploring side of the software and camera were sorted. The older children in our family decided to take it to another level:

I can't wait to use this process with the children in my class next academic year, it takes a whole lot of concentration and may take days or months to complete a project. I'm looking forward to exploring this longitudinal process with children. In today's society, we often expect/demand instant results - you can go and buy a meal and have it ready in 5 minutes. I'm going to be looking at extending projects with children over a number of days, weeks and months so that we can work past the expectation of instant gratification. Perhaps the long lost value of patience will rear it's head in our classroom.

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