Monday, September 29, 2014

Post-It Plus in the Early Years.

I've been on Twitter again, I love this place...I don't visit as often as I like but I always, always come away with a gem. Here is this week's gem

With this free app installed on your iPad you can snap a picture of a collection of physical sticky notes and have them quickly digitized. Once your notes are digitized you can re-arrange them, share them with collaborators, or send them to another application like Dropbox. If you have multiple sets of notes you can combine the best notes into one board through the Post-it Plus iPad app.

If you have read my post with my Reflection on Assessment in the Early Years workshop  you will have seen that I use post-its a lot for capturing children's stories. You can capture the Post-its in digital form and have these converted into an excel sheet. How cool is that?

Here's what I tried today, I captured the Post-It's using Post-it Plus, then I exported it to an excel using Dropbox - all of my notes are now in a digital format...

Looking forward to seeing how this can be used further in the classroom.

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