Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Intelligent failure

Tony Burkin is sharing his thoughts on Intelligent failure with our ECC teachers today. Intelligent failure is about piloting, tweaking, adapting, modifying and experimenting - all of this leads to Innovation.

What's the difference between wondering and reflecting?

  • Reflect=Past/Wondering=Future
  • Reflect=Active/Wondering=Passive
  • Reflect=Evidence based/Wondering=Intuitive
  • Reflect=Facts/Wondering=Question oriented
  • Reflect-Finite/Wondering=Not sure
Refection is about self-improvement. It's much more than having wonderings. Parker J Palmer (1998) in The Courage to Teach believes great teachers are able to reflect on the 'inner landscape of teaching itself'.

"Articulate the inner landscape of your teaching in 10 minutes"

Lt. Col Hal Moore asked 3 fencepost questions
  • Whats happening?
  • Whats not happening?
  • How can I influence whats not happening tomorrow?
Wondering is different to Reflecting

Prochaska's Model of Change
1. Pre-contemplation
2. Contemplation
3. Preparation
4. Action = INQUIRY
5. Maintenance
6. Termination

* Most people do not stay in Action phase long enough to reach Maintenance and Termination steps
* We have to action our learning then you can experience Intelligent failure

Inquiry is not about finding answers. It's not even about asking questions. It's about discovering the right question through disciplined action.

Professional Diary of inner thoughts - becomes pointless; mundane; poisonous; people ask "what's the point? I reflect all the time! Why write it all down?"
Professional Journal - records a learning trip - what I'm learning as I'm actioning new practices and the questions I'm finding answers to along the way.

Journaling to continually improve
How by choosing this inquiry do I hope to influence student outcomes?
What will be my first steps (over the next 2 weeks I will...)
What's happened?
SUCCESSES/BREAKTHROUGHS - Evaluation of how and why?
What's not happening?
What am I going to do to influence what is not happening? (Over the next one week I will)

So what does this mean for me?
* Get journaling stop using my blog as a diary
* Action my reflection and document my successes/failures
* Change my goals to the 'right' goals
* Ask more questions
* Read 'The Courage to Teach'

Perfectionism is Toxic

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