Friday, December 12, 2014

My PYP Journey

In March 2015 I would have been engaged in the IB PYP (Primary Years Programme) for 2 years. What a journey it has been. I've had the privilege of completing 4 IB PYP workshops so far:

And most recently the Concept Based Instruction facilitated by the infamous Lynn Erickson.

Last year I set two personal goals related to the IB PYP Programme.

Professional Goal Number One:
* Develop a deeper understanding of the IB Primary Years Programme.

Professional Goal Number Two:
* Use digital technologies to explore the notion of 'international mindedness'.

This year I'm hoping to take this learning even further, my goal this year is to:

Explore PYP in the context of a play-based curriculum with reference to documenation and assessment.

The other relates to my current interest in Literacy and my journey to unpacking optimal literacy practices in the Early Years. To follow my progress in this goal, you can follow my journey here.

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