Monday, February 23, 2015

4MWT - February 2014

4 minute walk throughs (4MWT)

Teachers observing other classrooms in action in small groups followed by a guided conversation to promote personal reflection and inquiry.
Finding “gems” for you to use in your own classroom practice and using observations as a starting point for reflection and inquiry.

This morning my Collaborative Pod (4 teachers) enjoyed a 4minute walk through our colleagues classroom. This year TKS are focussing on professional practice and an open-door culture. I absolutely love visiting other classrooms but have rarely prioritized this. Below are my reflections based on the 4MWT.

"So what's some of the learning you're having right now in thinking about the walkthrough and reflecting on data?"
It really is quite amazing how a 4-minute walkthrough can offer so much new learning. The particular person we visited always inspires me anyway so it was a refreshing visit.

* Visual Arts - I was inspired by the beautiful artwork on display in the room. I could see that most of this was inspired by great books.
* Literacy - There was a lot of evidence of literacy throughout the classroom e.g. Poems, songs, stories created by children.
* Indoor/Outdoor flow - just affirms for me that this is a great way for children to explore play-based learning in context. We saw a group outside the classroom playing with water and mixing with chalk. They were calm and thoroughly engaged.
* Challenges - In one area the teacher had set up little challenges for children i.e. Challenge: How tall can you build?
* Natural resource - Saudi Arabia is considered a country with endless sweeping desert land. This teacher has made every effort to offer all sorts of beautiful natural resources for children to use in their play.

"So what might you want to apply in terms of your thinking around this walkthrough to your own practice?"
Use stories to provoke/inspire Visual Arts in young children.

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