25 April 2018

Spiral of Inquiry: Developing a hunch about Guided reading

Developing a hunch
How are we contributing to the situation? "Hunch" is an important word – hunches may not be totally accurate, but it is essential to get them all on the table because they guide the focusing. Sometimes they might be well-established routines of the school or the classroom, and be relevant to your own school. Hunches need testing.

What is my hunch about "What strategies are most effective when supporting WRS learners with reading?" 

Sub-question Two:

Will regular guided reading sessions improve students progress through the Rainbow Wheel? 

My hunch:

I've recently completed two Guided Reading webinars - one with Fountas & Pinnell here and one I wrote about here with Create-Abilities.

This quote stood out for me:
"Meeting students right where they are, right on the cusp of what they can do independently and move them a bit further".
This is the overarching goal of what I am trying to achieve with this inquiry. So with this in mind, my hunch is that with a range of strategies including shared reading, guided reading and oral language experiences. I will see children become increasingly competent in reading.  The challenge for me is to ensure that I am keeping abreast with the intense planning that goes into ensuring that my guided reading sessions are effective and engaging. 

I recently completed 'Observation Survey' professional learning and looked at the administration and analysis of running records. I need to ensure that I gather these for children regularly so that I can ensure that my construction matches where learners are and where they need to be.

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