23 July 2009

Sponge Bob in Te Reo Maori

Sponge Bob is hitting the screens in Te Reo Maori as part of Maori Language week! Thats pretty cool in my books.  To be honest I dont particularly enjoy SpongeBob but Im going to make an effort to watch the updated versions screened for five days from Monday 27 - Friday 31 July 2009.  Check out original post from Spasifik here.

Be sure to tune into Nickelodeon New Zealand (SKY Digital, Channel 041) from Monday 27th July to see SpongeBob Tarau Porowhā.

01 July 2009

MJ Mix

I couldn't resist the urge to post something about MJ.  Throughout the years he has entertained and inspired my family. My 9 year old son was devastated to hear the news about MJ's death so we decided to stay home all weekend and watch MJ videos together.  Friends and family are all aware of my sons love for MJ.  He has for years carried an MP3 player with loads of MJ songs and a bound book of lyrics to his fav songs. Then DJ SirVere sent a link through Twitter with a link to this mix.  Go ahead and enjoy! xx


Here are a couple more DJ Reminise - MJ Mix 001 and MJ Mix 002