18 November 2015

They might have guns, but we have flowers - Angel Le

French father and son have the most precious conversation in interview about Paris attacks. I feel better too now, thanks!
A father and son have the most precious conversation during an interview by french media at the scene of the Bataclan attacks. I saw that it hadn't been subtitled in english yet, so I made a quick edit to show the rest of the world how freakin awesome some of our citizens are. They're my heros. I feel better too now! (Courtesy of Le Petit Journal) #paris #bataclan #parisattacksOriginal Segment: http://bit.ly/1Lix9L2Original Video (french): https://www.facebook.com/PetitJournalYannBarthes/videos/1013093998733798/
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17 November 2015


In 2010, I went to my very first Tedx event in Auckland and learned about what I termed back then as "Korero through pictures". Korero means to talk (in Te Reo Maori, NZ's native language). You can read my thoughts here. Five years on I am seeing the notion of "sketchnotes" showing up in my Twitter Feed. This reminds me of a time back in 1998 when I was studying to be a teacher at Auckland College of Education and the lectures suggested reading up on note-taking back then I remember getting a book written by Tony Buzan on Mind Maps. So the new concept of sketchnotes is not so new after all but my twitter feed has prompted me to re-look at this method of taking notes.

Here is a video that I found (short enough for my attention span) that I watched to get an idea of "sketchnotes". I am about to walk into my next Post Graduate Diploma of Education (Literacy) paper this week and am hoping to have a handle on sketch notes by the end of the semester. Keep posted for updates. If you have any examples of sketch notes in education please feel free to share.

14 November 2015


The best in the world, started the way we all should. #KeepSportsFun #RugbyIsFUN #LetKidsBeKids
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13 November 2015

Two Billion Miles...

I have been inspired by The Read-Aloud Handbook by Tim Trelease and have started reading a chapter from The Clay Marble to my 10 year-old, 12 year-old and 14 year-old each night. In this story it discusses the journey of Cambodian refugees (among other relevant topics of discussion). I asked the kids to do some 'research' when they got home from school. My son came home and shared the Two Billion Miles website with me.  This website provided our family a great opportunity to discuss the heart-wrenching journeys many refugees take.  Let me know your thoughts on the website in the comments section below.

A key to conscious leadership...are you ready for coaching?

This video was sent to me by one of our School Counselors, and is timely as I start the explore the notion of "coaching readiness".  What are your thoughts on "coaching readiness"?

01 November 2015

Did you know?...2014 Remix...#shifthappens

We are living in a world of constant change...how do we best support our children to prepare for a world that is unknown to us?

I have reflected on my transition from a New Zealand Curriculum to the IB Curriculum here and in other places on my blog. I have had 4 of my own children participate in both curriculums. The IB Learner Profile, PYP Attitudes, Approaches to Learning, ACTION, Inquiry, learning about learning… the more and more I come to understand the IB, the more and more I believe it's making a difference.

What are your thoughts on this blog? Is the IB equipping children for their world?