11 February 2019

Inquiry at WRS and my Inquiry

I've been put in charge of leading Inquiry at my school. I have some experience in inquiry from my experience in the International Baccalaureate programme and I've started to re-visit Kath Murdochs 'Power of Inquiry' book.

I'm really excited about stirring curiosity and wonder in our school, we're only a few weeks in and already our students are asking some awesome questions:
Leading inquiry in a school that hasn't done it before is challenging but very exciting. So with this, much of my time will be spent 'facilitating, presenting, preparing' information to share with my colleagues. 

So now, given this extra responsibility and my desire to grow in my teaching craft, I am curious to have my own 'Teaching as Inquiry' blend 'inquiry-based learning' and 'reading and writing' together.

Here is my draft inquiry:

What role do systemic phonics and our handwriting programme play in inquiry-based learning?

Humans of South Auckland - My story

I've been profiled on the Humans of South Auckland page. I am a long time advocate of storytelling, and most recently have encouraged the art of storytelling to build positive team culture.

There is always somewhat of a risk when sharing your story for the whole wide world to see. You open yourself up to critique and judgement, but in sharing my story I was hoping that I would inspire others to keep going, even when it's tough - especially when it's tough.

Feel free to leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

My Read-aloud challenge 2019

I've read this book a number of times now and totally agree with the underlying message, which I interpret to be:

Read-aloud to your children, no matter what age, it's good for them!

This year, I am challenging myself to read 3 books to my class every day! Sounds easy right?! It's so not. I tried last year and really struggled to squeeze it in. However, what I did notice was that when I read to my 5-year-olds a few times a day their 'reading stamina' - for want of a better phrase - got better and better! They were often engrossed in what I was reading and as I read some more than once, twice or even thrice, they started reading with me.

To keep myself accountable, I am going to try and document the books I read here. I am hoping to gather data on children's 'reading stamina' through weekly reflections and record their oral language development using JOST. Wish me luck!