28 July 2019

Māori Teachers' Conference 2019 video

Now that I'm working part-time I have been able to dedicate my time to immersing myself in Te Ao Māori. I am loving it! As a whānau, we have felt the pinch financially of me stepping down from the comforts of full-time salary work BUT it has opened up some many more doors for me in terms of living life. This video passed by my FB screen via Maori Minute and I purposely went on to hear Quinton Hita (who was awesome) and found some powerhouse speakers while I was there. See the video and website link below:

My takeaways:

* Quinton shares the knowledge of Te Reo Māori so that when he's 80 he won't be having conversations with himself (what an epic example of servant leadership).
* Are we feeding our teachers - they are so busy serving our tamariki - are we giving them space and time they need to be language experts?
* Education is a journey, not a destination
* Take a risk, our kids deserve it!

Māori Teachers' Conference 2019 video

25th NZ PPTA National Māori Teachers’ Conference, 7-8 Hōngongoi 2019, Sudima Lake Rotorua, Ngā Huarahi ki te Angitu Celebrate our successes together. Te Huarahi Māori Motuhake extend warmest regards and thanks for your support and attendance at our hui ā-tau. The video of speakers and snippets from delegates are provided for your interest, enjoyment and wellbeing. Please keep a look out for postings from a range of conference material throughout term 3. Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi.

I'm going back to school 👩‍🏫🦸‍♀️again.

I really don't have the time to study, nor should study be a priority for me as I transition from the comforts of 'full-time salary work' to full-time 'develop my own business work'. 

Nonetheless, I've enrolled in another Masters of Education and have started the Reflecting on Professional Practice paper at AUT. I've just opened my first reading, I almost slammed the lid back down when the first paragraph had 'epistemology of pragmatic constructivism' in one sentence 😳🤷‍♀️

I read on and found this beauty though:

'In changing and uncertain times, as experienced in today’s world, people want their leaders to act morally whereby they will not produce harm but rather will show the virtues of doing good, of honouring others, of taking positive stands, and of behaving in ways that clearly show that their own self-interests are not the driving motivation behind their leadership'

I am super excited about learning lots more and figuring out what 'epistemology of pragmatic constructivism' means. 😂

Original article found here 👉

Naketa as a child