Thanks so much Naketa for last nights workshop, it was definitely not long enough to cover the great ideas you shared about cultivating a positive team culture. I look forward to your next workshop. Thanks for sharing your journey with us - Anonymous
Thanks for the opportunity to attend the workshop last night. It was very timely for me personally and out team as we are in a process of change and growth. The concepts you are spreading through your mahi are powerful and so fundamental to building positive team culture - Anonymous

You were able to listen to our hopes, dreams and ideas, then sythesise these for us, and breath life into these with us. Your positive attitude, enthusiasm for ICT, and absolute belief in our abilities supported our growth. You were able to make the impossible seem possible, the large barriers seem small, the way forward seem straight and sure - Anonymous

Your facilitation is flexible, strengths-based and grounded in sound pedagogical understanding - Elaine N

I have enjoyed the one on one mentoring I received from you as well as being able to attend the fantastic huis and workshops that you have organised and taken part of! - Rachel J

I have enjoyed the one on one sessions mainly as it is tailored to what I need to know and I am able to ask questions as I go along. Having said that, the group sessions mean that questions I would never have dreamed of are asked and I get a totally different perspective. - Helen H

I have found you to be very supportive of both myself and my team members. No question from us has ever been a "dumb" question to you, as you appreciate that we are all at different levels in regards to how much we know about ICT - Mel T

As a Facilitator for our teaching team you were motivating, challenging and inspiring and encouraging our continued learning and exploration of ICT as well as leadership and our pedagogical "thinking". You continued to push us outside our comfort zone eg presenting at Ulearn! As a colleague, you have been excellent at being my personal "mentor" and sharing strategies and skills for working with teams, encouraging teams and challenging teams - Tania C

Your willingness to help, especially when the answers aren't straightforward. You have been a mentor, helping me understand my own personal role as a teacher and the way I can be effective in children's learning. I find it easy to communicate with you and know I can always send a quick email if I ever have any questions. You have a fun and happy nature, which makes it a pleasure to work with you - Sheree T

I like the group time together and one to one time. Naketa is always willing to provide support whenever needed. Naketa is always available on email, which is reassuring. Naketa is very hands on and encouraging - Angela M

Your workshops are fun and engaging. We enjoy what you bring to the learning experiences, we discover. We can see the passion you have for what you do, which makes you effective in your role as a facilitator. Thank You. - Helen V

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