Saturday, May 8, 2010

Creativity is Essential to Learning

I never get tired of listening to Ken Robinsons messages in this 20-minute video. Nearly four years on from presenting this at TED, his key points are still very pertinent today. Let me share the points that always resonate with me:

*Children starting school this year (2006) will be retiring in 2065. Nobody has a clue what the world will look like in five years time and we are supposed to be educating them for it.

*Creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.

*If you're not prepared to be wrong you will never create anything original. We are educating children out of being creative because we are so concerned with them always getting it right.

The challenge then is to transfer these concepts into 'everyday' teaching practices and ways of working? What are your thoughts? And how do you ensure creativity is given the same status as literacy?


  1. Hey Naketa, have followed you through core.ed, tania coutts is a childhood friend, i have spent today at home with a sick child trawling throug lots of great stuff online including your blog -
    regarding ken robinson - have you seen his latest?
    also great!

  2. Kia ora
    Awesome, thanks for stopping by. I watched a bit of it on the weekend but never watched it right through. You've just prompted me to do that.
    Thanks again.


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