Saturday, May 22, 2010

KidRex - Safe searching for Kids

This afternoon I came across a link to It's a website designed for kids, by kids! Its a customised Google search engine that promotes safe searching for young children. I thought I would give the search engine a go to see if it really was safe! I typed in a range of search words including popular shows for kids and common phrases and was impressed with the search results. Most of the results were official sites, lend themselves to being child friendly or educational.

When I typed in some inappropriate words, this is the message I received. There were a few searches that fielded Google Ads - many of them not overly explicit but inappropriate. I have emailed to let them know about this, so hopefully as time goes by some of these bugs can be ironed out. However, overall I think this site and search function has potential.


  1. Thanks Naketa,
    There are many centres who ask how to minimise the risks when searching with children. I will share your post with them :-)

  2. Hi Sharon
    I emailed the organisation letting them know that I had come across some inappropriate content and they got back to me very quickly to say they are working on eliminating the ads. Its definitely worth keeping an eye on this site as a possible resource in early childhood centres.

  3. I'm curious.....What were the inappropriate words you used? haha!


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