Friday, February 4, 2011

Taking South Auckland Stories To Norway

Today I start my lengthy journey to Norway. I'm flying across the world to attend and present at the 4th International Digital Storytelling Conference. Check out the video below to see a quick glimpse into how far around the world it actually is.

I have had in interest in Digtal Storytelling (DST) for over 4 years now, and the more and more I investigate the DST process the more and more I am convinced of its benefits. In the ECE ICT PL Programme I witnessed a range of powerful Digital Stories, in most cases those created by 3 and 4 year olds. The areas that interest me most when it comes to DST are:

* The impact of Digital Storytelling to support literacy.
* Engaging community through Digital Storytelling.

I will be presenting on the latter at the 4th International Digital Storytelling conference. When I first considered submitting an application I debated whether I had anything worthy of sharing, then when I finally convinced myself that I had a story to share, I debated which parts of my DST story journey would be most interesting to an International audience. Working with teachers, children and families has certainly been rewarding as well as offering some great learning moments. How do you pack, 4 years of investigating into a presentation?

I am pleased to say that my presentation is complete, and while I cant post the presentation in its entirety here I will upload relevant slides over the next few posts to illustrate some of my thinking. For me, the most exciting part of pulling this presentation together has been the realisation that I am taking "South Auckland Stories to Norway". When I have talked to teachers about the possibility of Digital Storytelling reaching a global audience through blogs, websites and podcasts it never occurred to me that I would one day travel to Norway to share these stories. How exciting for a girl from Otara and to the authors of the stories. Wish me luck for both the travels and the presentation!

And last but by no means least, a huge thank you to CORE Education for the amazing opportunity!!


  1. What a great opportunity Naketa - you can feel very proud of the work you've been doing in this area, I'm sure everyone will be blown away by your presentation! And I'm equally sure you're going to learn heaps from being there too :-)
    Ka Kite

  2. Kia orana Derek
    Thank you for your kind words, I am loving the PD as well as the opportunity to hear about some amazing projects around the world.
    Thanks again for the opportunity.

  3. Enjoy every moment - and never doubt that what you have to share will be world leading! It's awesome that you are getting to experience this conference. And having seen the snow photo I'm semi envious melting in the Brisbane heat :)

  4. Thank you Sonja! I'll comment on your statement about me having something to share that is world leading once Ive finished mine. :D

  5. An AMAZING opportunity Naketa - firstly for your international audience and for you! As you have said and noticed, we seem to be world leading in our teaching and learning practices with ICT in NZ and we are so lucky that you are there to share our stories with such an incredible audience. Enjoy the incredible learning experience and I know you will be articulate at sharing this learning with everyone upon your return!


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