Monday, June 9, 2014

IB PYP - Reflection on Assessment in the Early Years workshop.

TKS is an IB School. The program we deliver is the Primary Years Program. This year I was determined to get my head around the IB PYP curriculum and become more familiar with the jargon, systems, assessments and ways of doing. I completed three workshops this year and as always had a few takeaways that I could take back to my classroom. I must say though, I feel absolutely privileged to have started my teaching career and study in NZ. We are pretty awesome when it comes to Education on a Global scale. I have found, due to the strong grounding in Te Whariki and the easy access to high quality PD I am confident when it comes to transferring these skills internationally.

The first workshop I participated in online was the "Assessment in the Early Years". This was interesting and vital for me to get an idea of the framework of PYP, get my head around the jargon and become familiar with the systems, planning and assessment.

Here are my takeaways:
* Use video and audio to help with assessments.
* Check in with Sample Planners like the exemplar here to give you ideas for bubble planner, especially if you are new to PYP.
* What is the purpose of assessment? - get this right as a school/class/teacher so there is a clear goal in mind.
* Unpack what is useful to know, in this case I was inspired to assess/document children displaying the Learner Profile and the PYP attitudes.
* Listen to children/be fully present.
* I introduced the "Notice, Recognise, Respond" concept to the group, a strategy that I learned in NZ from workshops on learning stories. Use stickies to document what you 'notice' about children's learning, recognise the threads of interest and learning and respond to these.
* Each week my teaching team (Teaching assistant and Student teacher) would sit and reflect on every child in our classroom, we would think about how they were for the week, things that we noticed or needed to work on. We would then use this information to plan for the coming weeks.

I got some very positive feedback from participants, this one though was very affirming:

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