Monday, January 26, 2015

Music and Literacy

If you've been following my blog you'll know I'm in a Literacy frame of mind. I'm studying towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Literacy Education. My eyes, ears and heart tune in when there is a whisper of literacy. I am fortunate to be a part of this fantastic collaborative group on Facebook - NZ Teachers (Primary). Somebody posed a simple question a few days ago: 
Any recommendations for popular songs the whole school can sing?  thanks!
Within a few hours a collaborative Google Slide was created with 30+ slides of great songs to sing - on each slide a link to a Youtube video with lyrics (Technology never ceases to amaze me).

In my classroom, we spend 10-15 minutes every morning enjoying "Morning Moves" with another classroom. A series of songs that get children up and moving and singing. You can find a sample of a typical morning moves session here.

I've been reading an article entitled "Music and Literacy". This particular quote sums up what I think about the importance of music and movement in the EarlyYears:
The last two decades have seen an explosion of research concerning the effects of musical training on brain development: how it creates new neural networks, strengthens existing ones, and strengthens the synaptic connections. All the research supports the notion that early music training can be a critical component in the development of verbal, reading, comprehension, mathematical, and spatial-temporal reasoning skills in children, thus providing solid evidence for fully integrating music as a core component of early childhood education.
We prioritise music in our day by dedicating 10-15 minutes to Morning Moves. Knowing what we know about the importance of Music I wonder how else I can incorporate this into my daily programme. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Telesco, P. J. (2010). "Music and Early Literacy." Forum on Public Policy Online 2010(5).

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