Monday, March 16, 2015

4MWT - March 2015

4-minute walk through (4MWT)

Teachers observing other classrooms in action in small groups followed by a guided conversation to promote personal reflection and inquiry.
Finding “gems” for you to use in your own classroom practice and using observations as a starting point for reflection and inquiry.

This morning my Collaborative Pod (4 teachers) enjoyed a 4minute walk through on of our colleagues classroom. This year TKS are focussing on professional practice and an open-door culture. Below are my reflections based on the 4MWT.

"So what's some of the learning you're having right now in thinking about the walkthrough and reflecting on data?"
The classroom was set up with lots of inviting learning engagements for children. As our current Unit of Inquiry is "How the World Works" there was a station looking at floating and sinking, a tape and tubes area and block play area set up as well. There was an indoor/outdoor flow with chilren accessing curriculum areas inside and outside.

When walking the walls I noticed the Units of Inquiry clearly displayed with photos and stories about learning that has been happening within the unit.

"So what might you want to apply in terms of your thinking around this walkthrough to your own practice?"
I was inspired by the tubes and tape area and have adopted this in my own classroom. Children have really enjoyed using push/pull/force/motion as part of their hands-on approach to learning about "How the World Works".

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