Monday, May 9, 2016

What is it that you do? Ummmm

Back in August 2015 I started my new role as Pedagogical Coordinator. When people ask me, "What do you do?" my tag line usually goes something like this...

Other person: "Hi, what is it that you do?"
Me: "Um (<<yes always um). I'm a Pedagogical Coordinator.
Other person: Blank stare
Me: "Well I am like an educational coach/curriculum coordinator/mentor kind of person. - Basically I work with teachers supporting them in their professional learning and development"
Other person: Blank stare

Not quite the role I dreamed of as a kid, but one I am truly grateful to have, love and thrive in.

This year we have been journaling in Interlead as part of our professional practices at TKS. I recently found this reflection I wrote over 9 months ago in my journal...

This year I have taken on a new role as K2 Pedagogical Coordinator. I'm not too certain what this entails yet as it is a completely new role at The KAUST School. In the ECC we are fortunate enough to have three PC's (now termed PedCos) The beginning of the year has been a hectic blur. I arrived in Saudi Arabia on the 31st July and walked straight into a meeting about scheduling - can't say that was the easiest transition from holiday mode. It feels like I have been running ever since. This week however, with the children settled into routines and teachers getting into the swing of things I feel like I can take time to organise my thoughts and ideas. So, that's this weeks goal: Slow down, take time, if it doesn't get done - leave it for tomorrow.

While I'm still looking for a better tag line and way of explaining what I do every day at work. I am enjoying the wonderful challenge and opportunity I have to work alongside remarkably committed teachers who inspire me to be a better version of myself every day.

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