Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Leadership videos

Last week, I had the great pleasure of engaging in 3 days of leadership learning with Chris Wright. I was introduced to the most fascinating take I have heard on leadership in my 21 years in education. It is somewhat common to hear the same types of messages in leadership training e.e. vision, strategic, goals, relationships etc and depending on your experience you tend to lean more towards/and listen to advice that fits with your own values and beliefs.

A key highlight for me from this learning was the words of wisdom from Tim Brighouse, he succinctly captures the skills he feels leaders need in crisis, these are

* intellectual curiosity
* unwarranted optimism
* crisis is the norm, complexity is fun
* complete absence of paranoia and self pity

What do you agree with and what do you disagree with?


  1. I, too, was moved by the words of Tim Brighouse and his overall philosophy on leadership. I scribbled away in my journal as we watched his video, intending on watching it again to dig deeper into his work.

    His views challenge us to think about who we are as leaders and to critically reflect on the strengths and limitations that we bring to the table in regards to our specific role and responsibilities. It is easy to say that we understand what it takes to be a great leader, but so much more difficult to put it into action.

    Is it possible to fully develop ourselves in all of these areas? What questions do we need to ask ourselves if we are to continually grow and learn? To what extent do we still resort to our default settings when it comes to dealing with crisis and conflict with others? What does trust truly mean to us and how do we strengthen the bonds of trust amongst those who we work most closely with? Not only do we have a responsibility to demonstrate trust but to be trustful in our actions.

    These are all questions and areas that I need to explore myself if I am to deepen my own leadership abilities. Tim Brighouse had to work for years to better understand himself as a leader and come to the conclusion that the 4 areas mentioned above are the keys to great leadership.

    I think that the biggest challenge that we face as leaders is to place the responsibility for our own growth and development completely on our own shoulders. You have always seemed like the type of person that does this Naketa. Thanks for sharing this blog post.

    1. Hey Andy
      Thanks for your leaving a piece of your mind behind...
      I watched a few of the other videos and have started to formulate a vision for my own leadership, and have ultimately decided that as leaders we need to be 'adaptable'. Thank you for contributing to my own professional learning journey. I really enjoyed last weeks Community of Practice session.


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