Sunday, February 8, 2009

Through the lens of a camera

Yesterday I blogged about how I was going to take up the "photo a day" concept.  I have now started and you can find my photos here.  Today I found this post over on Maureens blog, it leads to this site, then this site. Basically what the articles refer to is our ongoing need to document everything, and witness some of our most memorable moments through the lens of a camera.  They use the picture below to highlight their point.

Put down the camera and enjoy the moment

Recently, my partner and I attended a beautiful wedding, the bride was stunnng the groom very handsome and the thought that went into making their day original and amazing was obvious, down to the very last detail  As the gorgeous bride walked down the aisle there were at least 7 people standing and clicking taking their own photos of the brides (in some cases standing in front of the actual paid photographer), as the ceremony commenced there were more clicks and people bobbing up and down to get the best pic, after the formalities the couple with their gorgeous children stood and waited as over 15 people took photos of them.  It has never struck me more than it did on this day that we may be going a tad bit overboard with our digital recording.  Especially when you could see that the couple and their children were ready to move on and get on with the posing for the professional photographer. I wonder if it would have been better to have the professional photographer and a representative from each family take photos and then guests get a CD of the photos?

So what about those cameras in early childhood education, how many times do we as teachers leave the learning moment and participate in children's learning through the lens of a camera.  I became conscious of this a while back when working in a kindergarten, the amount of times I left the 'shared learning moment' to get a camera was frightening, only later when recording the learning through a learning story did I realise that I had missed a big chunk of the moment.  If I had my time again I would certainly pay more attention to the moments that don't necessarily need to be docmented.


  1. I agree with this idea- even though I am a Keen Kindergarten camera addict. When my children were small and I threw large birthday parties for them, (we had many relatives to start the numbers without the friends!) I was constantly bemused by the man of the house viewing the hard work vicariously through cameras and video. He wasn't much help ! He didn't share the moment in the first person- only in the abstract I thought at the time... ( this was 15 years ago!). Ann

  2. Hi Naketa

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was googling around the other day, and lo and behold I found your blog. I'm enjoying the reads!

    I liked this one because there are so many times when I'm growling my younger sister for not charging the digital camera once were at a function, but on the days she does charge it, I'm growling her for getting in the way when she's taking photos. Lose-lose situation hah!

    But I'm gonna take onboard your last post about a photo a day. Sounds really interesting. Just need to make sure I'm organised as my sister to charge my own camera!


  3. Thanks NiuZila! Check out the blog here

    Although admittedly I havent uploaded any pics since 28th Feb...will def get on to it this weekend. Charging cameras is my nightmare, we went to an awesome 80th on the weekend and I could see some great 'photo-a-day' pics, but whaddayaknow..flat battery!


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