Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pasifika & PolyFest 2009

As you may have read in a previous post - March is Pasifika month.  I had the pleasure of attending both of these events.  It wasn't till I read NiuZila's blog the other day that I felt compelled to write about both experiences.

Pasifika - Saturday 14th March 2009

It rained and it rained and it rained! My little girl did so well walking around that day, we basically planted the kids with Aunty at the Cook Island Village to watch the performances while we stood in the long lines for the yummy food.  I must say this years performances were off the hook.  The Atiu group did an amazing job at combining the younger members of their group into their performances and man can they shake. I read over on Niuzila's post that the theme of Pasifika this year was the 'frigate bird' and that this may have of had an impact on the weather.  I briefly passed the NiuFM stage where the Honourable Phil Goff cheekily stated that "it never rained at Pasifika under a Labour Government" - I unfortuantely was the only one that laughed.  Well it was funny! Overall a great day (except for the rain).

ASB Polyfest 2009 - Saturday 21st March 2009

Wowzers! Talk about busy busy busy, we live around the corner from the Manukau Sports Bowl where the event was held and the traffic and amount of people walking to the Polyfest was outrageous.  We made our way down just in time for lunch and spent most of our time at the Niuean stage.  I commented over on NiuZila's post about my thoughts on the fact that MaiFM were drowning out the actual cultural performances at the Tongan and Maori stage with the HipHip & RnB music.  Now I'm a fan of RnB and consider myself to be fairly up with the play in terms of music (my 9-year-old son makes sure of that).  But when you go to a PolyFest expecting to hear and see Polynesian Cultural performances you kind of want that to be the highlight.  Some may argue that HipHop and RnB are a 'culture' - I agree - but when your at a Polynesian Cultural Festival - turn the hip hop down and listen to the smooth sounds of Te Whanau o Tupuranga or at the very least play NZ Made music.

All in all a great month for Pasifika and although I didn't see nearly as many performances as I would have liked, there's always next year.

Kia manuia and Blessings


  1. We so wanted to go to Pasfika this year (Fiona has never been - being fairly new in the country) Unfortunately it clashed with a family event - So NEXT year We Are There!!!

  2. Great post! Made me laugh out loud, and you nailed it. Absolutely typical behavior from the shallow empty left.


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