Thursday, October 15, 2009

Organise your meeting online with ease


I've been trying to organise a night out with a group of friends for aaaaagggggeeeesss!. We have all been friends since high school and always have great fun when we get together. We regularly email, chat, text and FaceBook. The problem is we hardly get to catch up Face to Face, our lives are so busy with kids, work, community commitments, church, sports, family etc. Its taken us 3 days to come to any conclusion on when we should catch up I just about gave up.  Well not quite! But you get the idea. Then I found this awesome tool that's just made organising our event that much easier.

WhichDateWorks allows you to Create an event and choose the people you want at your event. They then receive an email with a message asking them to choose the dates that work and don't work for them. Once they've done that, I (as the organiser) find the date that suits everyone and let them all know.


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