Friday, August 20, 2010

Brown Bear

I recently visited Akomai, a blog created by an awesome colleague. Her gorgeous daughters have put together a Voicethread re-enacting the popular Eric Carle story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".

Recently I have been looking at the notion of literacy and creativity. This story for me captures both very strongly, the way the girls have used everyday clothes to interpret their animals is very creative and the rich language experience of re-enacting stories is so powerful.

Here are some of the links shared on Janine's blog to extend on the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".

A forum for teachers with ideas for each book.
The official Eric Carle website.

Thank you Hannah and Bryony! Tau ke!!

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  1. Oh arohanui e hoa,
    There is a little story with this too. Hannah's teacher, in seeing her ePortfolio now has changed homework to allow for e-homework. Last week she asked children to demonstrate in creative ways their understanding of literature. This was the first attempt to demonstrate her reading goal in comprehension through acting out a story on Voice Thread. It was the most fun mahikainga ever, we are hoping her Teacher likes it too!
    Your kind words made my week, how cool, I will show Hannah and Bryony that they are famous lol xxxx Neen


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