Friday, June 7, 2013

TeachMeetNZ in Saudi Arabia

One thing I have always been spoilt for choice for in New Zealand at both of the organisations I worked for  (CORE Education and Play and Learn Early Education Centres) was the ample opportunities for professional development. Both orgnisations emphasised the importance of ongoing professional development and created an organisation culture that valued learning. 

My move to Saudi Arabia has been incredibly positive. I have met fantastic educators from all around the world and with only 4 months up my sleeve I know I have a huge amount to still learn. 

Recently on Twitter the EduCamp hashtags have started to pop up - #EduCampHB, #EduCampCHCH, #EduCampTT and #EduCampAKL. Upon seeing these I immediately felt like I was missing out on something and quickly subscribed to the hashtags so I could attend virtually. With the 9 hour time difference and the difference in working weeks I've had to settle for 'delayed coverage'. Something is better than nothing right?

Thankfully Sonya @vanschaijik caught wind of my desperate need for PD and invited me to the 2nd #TeachMeetNZ. Thank you Sonya! The build up over Twitter was incredibly exciting, the difference not putting me off (5am Saud Time and 2pm NZ Time) and the presentations on the morning truly inspiring. Thank you to those that shared a snippet of what their teaching world. Each presented shared something that I hope to reflect on and adopt in my teaching practice.

How wonderful is the internet that I could attend a workshop from the other side of the world, be inspired and motivated just as we are rounding off the academic year in Saudi Arabia and everyone is heading off on Summer Vacation. And I can revisit my learning because it's been posted on Youtube.

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