Friday, July 12, 2013

Introduction to PMP - Unpacking my understanding

What does PMP stand for?

Performance Management Program - the annual process by which TKS teachers are evaluated and improved.

Assessed on 4 Domains:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Professional responsibilities
  • Contributions to the school outside of the classroom
  • Goals (2 goals)

Evaluated in three areas:

  • Distinguished
  • Proficient
  • Does not meet proficient standards


  • Self evaluation
  • Set goals
  • Collect evidence`
  • Re evaluate
Examples of evidence

My understanding

Ongoing reflection in teaching has been something that I have advocated for many years  (see reflection presentation below). I believe ongoing reflection is vital to ensuring teachers are critiquing their practice and taking the time to revisit great practice. Teachers consistently do amazing things, everyday they are giving their all - just as reflection is about critiquing our practice is is very much about celebrating our successes too.

The PMP process as I understand this to be is a model attached to our ongoing reflection and evidence collecting. The PMP process is still in the Draft mode @ TKS but it seems to me that as long as I continue my goal setting and ongoing reflection (which I have done for years), strive to be a teacher that focusses on teaching and learning of children in my classroom and align these with the Distinguished Learning Outcomes (striving for excellence) then this is something that can be easily achieved. Stay posted on how this looks in practice. Roll on 2013-2014 school year!

Reflection Presentation from Naketa Ikihele on Vimeo.



    Posting this link as an added resource for reflection.

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