Saturday, August 3, 2013

Like magic - the information comes to you.

If you are an avid reader of online websites or blogs you will have noticed the RSS image above lingering in various places. Early on in my role as ICT Facilitator for CORE Education (back in 2006) I learned about RSS and the revolutionary way it changed how we access information.

Lee Le Fever over at Commoncraft produced a simple video that shares how the power of RSS works, and ever since then I have let the personalised information come to me.

Watch the video here

Unfortunately the Reader he refers to in this video is no longer available (Google shut this down on July 1st, 2013) but there are a number of other RSS readers that you can use on your iPad, iPhone, iPod and Computer.

I have used Net News Wire for many years, and with the new BETA version will continue to use this app. I can access my RSS feeds using this app on my computer. There are a number of reasons why I prefer this app:

  • Clean interface.
  • No distractions while reading - pure content rather than loud advertisements or cutesy backgrounds (personal choice).
  • RSS Feeds can be organised into folders
  • Looks like my email browser and lets me know how many unread posts I have.
What are some of your must-read blogs that you can have delivered to you like magic?

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