Friday, September 6, 2013

Self-Leadership and the One-Minute Manager

Sometime ago a colleague mentioned research that suggested that our habits of reading have changed, that we find sitting for long periods of time reading difficult, information are so accessible that it is too easy to flick out of one book to the next based on your mood. I had this discussion with my colleague almost 5 years ago. David Amerland confirms this notion of thinking:
When we are swimming in words, have near-instant access to knowledge and books and can download entire libraries at the click of a button it is inevitable that reading, as an education or entertainment experience is going to change.
I am a self-professed digital reader, and I admit my reading habits have changed over the last ten years. Long ago, I could open a book and read from cover to cover in a single sitting (pre-children) of course. Now, I'm lucky if I can get through a chapter without flicking to another book, another activity or find something else that diverts my attention.

It's been a year since I downloaded the book "Self-Leadership and the One-Minute Manager" from Amazon onto my iPhone (Kindle App). I am pleased to announce I finally read it. What a great book! There were clearly some quotes that jumped out at me, and I wasn't too keen on the 'corny' storyline but some very powerful messages arose from this book. For those that are visual learners I have made the quotes that captured me into InstaQuotes. Have you read this book? What are you thoughts?

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