Friday, September 6, 2013

International Mindedness - First thoughts

I've set two professional goals for the 2013/2014 academic year. One of my goals is to gain a deeper understanding of 'international mindedness' and provoke my teaching and student's learning of 'international mindedness' through the use of digital technology.

So what does 'international mindedness' mean?

On my first day at TKS the school was in the middle of celebrating International Week. I walked into a school with a range of flags, various greetings, world maps and different cultures embracing the walls. I saw evidence of shared food, shared stories and shared experiences. Was this 'international mindedness'? I'm not sure, I think this is one aspect of being international aware but surely the notion of 'international mindedness' runs deeper than this?  We talk about honoring diversity and celebrating differences in New Zealand. We see this as an ongoing and integral part of our curriculum. But is this 'international mindedness'? I'm still not sure, I'd really like to get my head around what International Mindedness means and how I can facilitate this learning for students in my class.

The video below "Musika Malie" by Wellington College spread like wildfire on my newsfeed with friends from NZ, Australia and further afar re-sharing this inspiring video of a group of predominantly European students singing and dancing to a Samoan song to mark and celebrate Samoan Language week. If I speak and celebrate another language, does this mean I am Internationally Minded? Surely it's deeper than this too?

In my brief search to find out more I came across two very intersting articles written by Steven Mark.

These articles are perhaps the most valuable find so far on my journey to finding out more:

What's 'international' about an 'international school'? 

International mindedness is a frame of mind...

I'm looking forward to uncovering more gems like these as I search for understanding. Stay posted for more reflections.

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