Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reform Symposium - FREE High quality professional development.

Once again Twitter has offered a wealth of information and interesting links. The link to the Reform Symposium came across my feed today just in time for the Reform Symposium Opening Plenary Session. I popped into a number of workshops over the weekend, see below for bits and pieces I collected along the way.

Creativity with kids - Using Online Tools
Michelle Worgan
Recording can be found here

* Creative early
* Creative regularly
* Make it fun
* Make creativity a 'habit'.

Probably useful for older children. Children can add text, videos, songs, pictures to make their learning visible.

Tips and Tools to Teach Memorable Lessons
Roseli Serra
Recording can be found here

*Using images to promote language and conversation and to provoke questioning.

How to use Puppets to Promote How to use Puppets to Promote Student Learning Student Learning
Sam Patterson
Recording can be found here

* Puppets can be used for the 'fun and playful' aspect of learning
* Using puppets as a transition tool
* Using the puppets as a relationship tutor and a focus tool
* Puppets as a language learner
* Creating puppets as a part of technology learning

Direct Your Own Learning
Edna Sackson
Recording can be found here

* Who dares to teach must never cease to learn - John Cotton Dana
* Change thinking of 'professional development' to 'professional learning'.
* Those who are not 'connected' online are falling further and further behind.
* Lots of learning online and offline.

* Where are we providing spaces for 'teacher dialogue'.
* Recommended Reading - Making Thinking Visible
Making Thinking Visible website
* "Watching the learning is more important than watching the teacher" 
* Innovative learning spaces - really important.
* A large percentage of professional development in schools happens through conversation.
* Good reading on learning spaces
* River of learning (Children are spread across a large piece of paper, photos on a section of paper and ask children to reflect on their learning).
* Debrief/Reflection important for interrogating practice.

These are just a few thoughts from the workshops I have been too. There are a wide range of workshop recordings that can be seen here.

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