Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Literacy in the Early Years - My classroom environment

In a n earlier post I mentioned actions that I needed to complete to move forward in my reflection cycle. As of December 2014 this is my current learning environment.

A cosy book area to read from a range of texts. Student portfolios are also accessible for children to flick through

A writing corner with games, writing materials, Handwriting without Tears resources and writing journals (blank pages).

Another prompt for writing using the Butterflies resources - sharpened pencils, clipboards, mirrors and lots of environmental print through our documentation panels.

Sign in sheet that children sign-in on every day. 

Environmental pring - children's conversations are recorded and transcribed then places on a display wall, relevant books to the wall display are also placed nearby and children's signs are honored and placed on the wall.

Book Week - children created their own books and I recorded them re-telling their story, I placed these in pockets on our door and attached QR codes for families to listen to during our Open House.

Poems on display, children have drawn the illustrations.

Obviously there are more strategies and teaching provocations but for now this is a good insight into the classroom literacy environment.

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