Friday, December 19, 2014

Reflecting on the PYP

I have been involved in the IB PYP Curriculum for over two years now and experienced a range of interesting IB Workshops (you can read about those here). My current PYP goal is to “Explore PYP in the context of a play-based curriculum with reference to documentation and assessment”.

What’s happened? ( successes and breakthroughs)
Thanks to the curriculum leadership team we have changed our PYP model this year from year-long units to three sequential units with one-year long unit. This has allowed the team to work collaboratively for planning, pre-assessments, summative assessments and inquiry cycle documentation.

What’s not happening? ( challenges & frustrations )
As I am fairly new to the new regime of sequential Units of Inquiry I am still looking at ways that I can infuse my PYP understandings with my New Zealand mode of documentation i.e. learning stories. This is something that I haven’t quite mastered but am working on. I would like to see the ‘whole’ story of learning recorded rather than the pre-assessment, formative and summative assessments as compartmental documents.

What am I going to do to influence what is not happening? (Over the next one week I will). I will try and write up our current Unit of Inquiry for “How We Organize Ourselves” and send this document to others requesting critical feedback.

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