Friday, October 2, 2015

Where are you a local?

While I am not an expert in the International Schooling scene (yet), this video resonates with me. I spent most of my life in South Auckland, New Zealand. Anyone from New Zealand will understand that this is quite a different city to Dunedin, New Zealand. My family and I are currently living in a small gated community in Saudi Arabia. Our community is not really a true reflection of the 'real' Saudi Arabia and it takes some actual effort to get amongst the true essence of being a local here.

However, this video prompts me to think about the children at our international/community school. Taiye Selasi urges us to think beyond - where are you from to "where are you a local?". Many of the children in our school have affiliations with 2-3 places - how many places do you think they will be locals in by the time they are 18 years old? This certainly is food for thought....

Where are you a local?

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