Monday, February 8, 2016

Bookmark Banter #2

Over two years ago, I decided to start blogging about all of the bookmarks I find. You can see my first ever Bookmark Banter here. The joy of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs via Feedly means that I frequently come across really cool links that I save in my 'read later' pile. Only problem is I very rarely prioritise reading, digesting and reflecting on these links. Bookmark Banter is a place where I will list the cool links I come across with a summarizing paragraph.

Maria writes "Businesses want creative curious people. Think tanks want creative curious people. Scientists need creative curious people" and in order to do this we need to nurture "wonder" and lean into the unknown.

Kath Murdoch is the Inquiry guru. In her vast years of experience she sums up one of the biggest challenges of an inquiry approach - “letting go” and offers suggestions for teachers in this process.
  • Let go of talking (and do more listening)
  • Let go of ‘secret teachers’ business
  • Let go of the ‘boundaried’ classroom
  • Let go of the tyranny of the timetable
  • Let go of the what…(and hold on to the how)
  • Let go of certainty

Teacher Tom is a great advocate for ‘real’ childhood. He posts great articles emphasisng the need for children to have hands-on, authentic and genuine childhoods. In this post he offers teachers phrases to help support children to become risk-takers.

PYP Inquiry is a most wonderful thing, this article short and simple challenges teachers to ask these reflective questions:
  • What should we stop doing?
  • What should we start doing?
  • What should we continue doing?
A relevant topic for #tksecc teachers right now as we move into the next phase of our appraisal system. Teachers are encouraged to seek feedback from colleagues with regard to their own personal inquiries. Feedback is powerful.

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