Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Team synergy and collaboration in BIG teams

Over the past two years I have been exploring various ways to create synergy and collaboration in my team. In K2 (4-5 year olds) we have up to 48 people working alongside each other for the greater good of children's learning. That's a lot of people!! (see breakdown below).

With so many people in a team, what opportunities do you see for team collaboration and synergy in a team with 48 people? We've tried a few things such as Humans of Kindergarten, Who am I? Digital stories and a Social Club Committee. I would be keen to hear how you work on team dynamics in your school, please comment below.

K2 Team Breakdown:

12 x homeroom teachers
12 x homeroom teacher assistants
1 x tech Integration/Library teacher
1 x library assistant
1 x tech integration assistant
1 x Arabic language teacher
1 x Arabic language teacher assistant
1 x PE teacher
1 x PE teacher assistant
1 x Performing Arts teacher
1 x Performing Arts teacher assistant
1 x Islamic Studies teacher
1 x Islamic Studies teacher assistant
1 x Pedagogical Coordinator (that's me)
1 x Principal
1 x Assistant Principal
1 x Receptionist
2 x Substitute teachers
2 x Counselors
1 x Learning Support
1 x Health Nurse
1 x Health Coordinator
1 x Speech Language Therapist
1 x Gifted and Talented Coordinator

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