Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tuesday Treats - Creating space for dialogue?

How do you create space for dialogue in your busy day?

I have been thinking about the difference between Dialogue and Discussion, there is a difference. So what is it? This article "The difference between debate, discussion and dialogue" sums up the difference beautifully.
Debate is combative and seeks to be victorious; it wants to express itself and say it is better than you. Discussion can be described as debate trying to play nice. Much like debate, it is interested in advocating its view points and challenging those of others.Dialogue, on the other hand, seeks to find a shared connection. It is not concerned with winning or losing, rather it aspires to listen more deeply, understand more fully, and build a collective point of view. When the diversity of personality and opinion present moments of conflict and tension, dialogue steps in and mediates the conversation back to a renewed sense of connection.Read more: The difference between debate, discussion and dialogue 
In my new role as Pedagogical Coordinator (yes that is quite a title) I have been exploring ways to create space for teachers to come together to dialogue. Teachers are very busy human beings, there is no doubt about that, so I created an afternoon where we could come together, enjoy a treat (usually something that is gluten-free, egg-free, dairy free like this), coffee and a shared purpose. I jpicked articles based on teachers professional inquiries and invited people to join (see image below). So far we have enjoyed two Tuesday Treats afternoons using the Final Word strategy.  I have yet to seek feedback on the usefulness of the strategy or the afternoons, but I am hoping to facilitate slow-think time for busy teachers.

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