05 September 2009

NZSTA Conference Reflections

One of the hats I wear in my life is a Board of Trustees member for my sons school.  I took the role on because the teachers and principal at my sons school asked a whole bunch of us to stand in the 2007 election.  We had many parents and community members standing for this election and I was very fortunate to have been voted in.

I love my role as a Board member, however, there is such a wealth of information to consume, digest, reflect and act on that at times it feels somewhat overwhelming.  For the last 2 years I have attended the NZSTA Conference.  I have on both occasions thoroughly enjoyed the conference.  Pio Terei also adds spice and laughter to the 3 days.  The most exciting part for me is meeting other parents and community members from around the country who want the very best for their children and have joined the Board in the hope that they can make a difference.

In the next few blog posts Ill share some of thoughts and reflections from the workshops I attended.  Find them here