23 March 2021

Writing introductions and conclusions - AUT Workshop


Move 1: State research field
Move 2: Establish niche
Move 3: Occupy niche

My attempt at rewriting the introduction:
A central issue in educational leadership is communication. Communication is regarded as an essential leadership skill. Relatively few studies focus on listening as a key communication skill. The objective of this study is to examine the ways in which listening improves the leadership practice of Cook Island leaders in New Zealand primary schools.


Move 1: Summarise findings
Move 2: Identify implications
Move 3: Suggest further research

02 March 2021

Academic Writing - AUT Workshop

This evening, I participated in the Academic Writing - AUT workshop. I've been studying at the tertiary level for 25 years and have been told on many occasions that I am a good writer. For the most part, I enjoy writing and find it easy to discuss dialogue, debate topics - I think this is because I am a really good talker (I talk lots!). However, in my recent task for MEdLead thesis I found it incredibly difficult to keep to my wordcount (wrote too much) and found it challenging getting to the point (the longest sentences you ever did meet!). Hence, after 25 years of studying, I decided to go back to the basics.

I really enjoyed the workshop and appreciated that part of why I. need to work on is planning out what I am going to say, before actually putting pen to paper. I enjoyed this so much, I'm heading back for the reading workshop next week.