11 December 2013

Aurasma in ECC - Bringing wall displays to life

I've been in and out of my Twitter PLN for the past year. Coming to Saudi Arabia to teach has had it's challenges and is a vast difference from my role as an IT facilitator traveling New Zealand facilitating learning and delivering workshops. We are somewhat isolated here at TKS - access to educational technology conferences like Ulearn are not so easy. Instead, I turn to Twitter and Blogs to get the professional learning I need as an educator.

Thankfully, Twitter never fails in providing the bit of enthusiasm I need to push my own educational boundaries.  A few weeks ago @PanaAsavavatana shared her exciting discovery in her classroom using Aurasma through Twitter.

Here are all of the links I used to get motivated.

Today we had our K2 Open House - an opportunity for families to come along and spend a morning with their children in our classroom engaging in typical learning activities. I was very mindful not to have parents perform or commit to time frames. Everyone is busy! Especially at this time of year and I wanted to make sure there were a variety of activities (all optional) where they could take the lead from their child and spend as little as long or as long as they could.

Here's what we had on offer. 

As a former IT facilitator I was very excited about using technology to share video snippets of children with their families (Read: awwww cute). We have been working on a collaborative mural over the past month and have been adding to this bit by bit. We've dabbled in some of the Skype Education lessons for Ocean Exploration month and looked at various stories to support our thinking and inquiry. I videoed each child and asked them "What lives in the ocean?" and asked them to share their ideas. 

I created name tags for each child with their name and an ocean creature and used these as the 'trigger image'. I used the children's videos as the overlay and had iPads available for families who did not have access to a device. Families could see their own child's video by hovering over their child's name - in most cases the child lead this process because many parents were not familiar with using iPads in general.

I can see a variety of ways I can use this in future and can't wait to test my ideas -watch this space!