21 October 2010

Google Demo Slam

I've really enjoyed checking out Google Demo Slam this evening. There are some incredibly talented people in this world. See this weeks slams below, then go online and vote!

Contender Tahi:

Contender Rua:

YouTube - Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

Sharing resources online = awesome!

I'm in the process of sorting out my bookmarks and 'read that later' pile and have come across a huge range of great resources that I have been meaning to get to.

The Learn It In 5 - How To Videos simplify online applications and give you a how to in 5 minutes. What a great idea! Sadly, they don't have an embed feature so follow the link above to check out the types of videos they have.

There's also a great online magazine with a great list of Web 2.0 tools applied to teaching.

The amount of resources freely accessible online never ceases to amaze me! Thanks everybody...I'm off to tag, bookmark and read :D

15 October 2010

Kōrero through pictures

Recently, I have noticed several kōrero that have been represented through pictures. I first connected with this method at the recent TedxAuckland event. Gavin Blake from Fever Picture intricately captured the Tedx Talks through images. All of which can be seen here.

You can see more about what Fever Picture are about in the video below.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Ken Robinson kōrero presented through animation. I particularly enjoyed this version imagery. I'm hoping that this will become more and more popular in coming months.