06 November 2019

Reading Together - It works!

I have had the great pleasure of co-ordinating Reading Together in my school this year. Two of my colleagues have facilitated the workshops while I work behind in the background. I have to say, without a doubt this has been worth every bit of organisation and after school sessions. I can see why Pita Sharples worked so hard to have this available to all schools for always.

Here is some of the feedback from some of our families, that just warms my heart.

* I wish I knew about this for my other children
* I didn't realise you could make reading a fun time
* Mum is more engaged in homework
* My child has jumped reading levels.

If you ever get a chance to run this programme in your school, please do!

National Coaching in Education conference - Reflections

Better Conversations
At the recent National Coaching in Education conference in Sydney, Australia I had the great pleasure of listening to Jim Knight (Instructional Coaching guru) present on the importance of relationships and conversations. I've been nestled into his book Better Conversations for the last few weeks and have really enjoyed the real-life stories he has shared from thousands of educators/coaches across the globe.
There are a number of quotes that resonated with me, the one that made me think and ponder the most was the following quote about student voice: "Student voice is when a student expresses an opinion, it is heard by the teacher and something is done about it" (p. 28)
I've collected student voice (in early childhood and primary) and have to be honest, many times I have collected this as a tick box to say that it was done, then didn't do much with it. Which makes me think, should we be collecting student voice if we have no plans on doing anything with it?

OCoL: Ōtara Continuity of Learning comes to an end for 2019!

For the past two years, I have been co-ordinating OCoL: Ōtara Continuity of Learning with a desire to support early childhood educators and primary school teachers to talk about the transition to learning, to contextualise and surface challenges and opportunities specific to our Otara region. As we come to the end of our second year it is heartwarming to see that there is still a core group of people dedicated to meeting and learning from each other.

Together we are stronger!

Our November Hui will be the last one for 2019. Please bring a plate to share as we celebrate the year that was. If you would like to come to this session, please email naketa@kiamahira.co.nz. (Please invite other team members you think will be interested in hearing this presentation).

Learning in Nature
7th November
Wymondley Road School Library
3.45pm - 4.30pm

You are invited to hear a 45-minute presentation by Play and Learn teachers about the importance of learning in nature and the impact on oral language, brain development, mental wellness and creativity.

Play and Learn Education Programmes have been running for 20+ years in Otara and Papatoetoe. Their nature programmes are now nationwide. They will share their insights about their Nature programmes and share why nature is important for all learners.
OCoL (Ōtara Continuity of Learning) is an opportunity for early childhood teachers and new entrant teachers to come together to discuss issues relevant to our community. We established our group in May 2018, and have a core group of teachers who participate regularly. You can view notes from previous hui here.