18 October 2016

Who am I? - Outside of my teacher self #tkskg

    Who Am I? Digital Story - Last year I sent the email below to my team...

    As an extension of our Humans of K2 wall, I am inviting of you to take our connectedness and stories one step further by creating a short video expressing “Who Am I?". Over the summer break, capture and find photos that best reflect you and what is important to you. Compile these in iMovie (or another app) over the break or wait till you get back and upload them to our shared folder here.

    * Please only share what you are comfortable sharing in our team
    * Please limit the movie to 2 minutes
    * We will host technical support sessions in afternoons leading up to the K2 Movie premiere

    You can see my EdTalk on this topic here (4 years ago) and my own “Who am I?” video (6 years ago) here my most recent one here

    We hosted the Who Am I? Digital story event on Thursday at our local movie theatre with 35 staff in attendance and it was so fantastic to see a piece of each team member (including assistants/office staff) on the big screen.

Norm of Collaboration & Trust Workshop #tkskg