17 July 2012

Bravery at it's finest..

The true power of Social Media (namely Facebook) has certainly played it's hand over the past few months for me. Several months ago a friend posted a link to an incredible story at the Chace Topperwein Fundraising Facebook page, a gentle click of a 'Like' button and immediately you have an insight into the painful, amazing, brave, heart breaking story of Keri, Ryan and Chace Topperwein.

Over the months Keri and Ryan bravely shared their ups, downs, trials and tribulations of their journey where they literally travelled to the ends of the earth to seek solace for their son. How amazing that they could be so open, in turn receiving worldwide support on their journey. With this technology we also learned of the passing of their amazing little boy and watched as the world stopped turning for one little family. My heart strings have been pulled at many many times over the past month watching from behind my computer screen the journey these courageous parents have embarked on. And today, this.....a fantastic, liberating, emotional snippet of hope in what must be the darkest days of their lives.

Kia mau te wehi Dream Chaser Foundation! You are an inspiration to us all.