15 October 2013

From Hollywood to Hajj

Bookmark Banter #1

Here's a new addition to my blog that I am calling "Bookmark Banter". Basically, as I surf my PLN (Professional Learning Network) I come across so many links that inspire me, challenge me, provoke me and interest me. Instead of bookmarking my links to delicious.com. Im going to add them to my blog, with a small commentary on why I find the link interesting.

Here goes:

School starting age: The evidence
An article referring to the importance of play based childhood.
* Advocacy for play-based learning
* Research that overwhelmingly supports a later start to formal schooling
* Play enables humans to become powerful learners and problem solvers

Spoken Word: Invisible Privilege by Sacha Norrie
A video at Spoken Word - South Auckland Poets. The ongoing dialogue between Maori and Pakeha and the history and emotions this provokes. Fabulous piece of Spoken Word.
* When I turn on the TV it is through my eyes the news is shown.
* I have never had to claim back my culture because it was never taken from me.
* I am the coloniser - said no Pakeha ever.

From Faking it to Making it: A PYP reflection
A great article that looks at one persons reflection on PYP.
* Having the concepts, IB Learner Profile etc up on the wall does not make you a PYP teacher.
* Very timely as I start my PYP journey.

Failure and mistakes
An open reflection looking at the lessons we learn from failure and mistakes
* Make you school (and life) a safe zone for failure and mistakes.

Cultivating Imagination
This article grabbed me because last week in my class of 4 and 5 year olds I encouraged the children to pretend that they were on a raft (also known as a bit of fabric) and that there were sharks in the water we had to use two pieces of material (aslo known as rafts) to get to the beach (also known as the bit of lino that leads to our corridor). All but two of the children could 'pretend' to be on a raft and see sharks. Imagination is so important for life. Einstein said "Imagination is everything it is the preview to life's coming attractions".

Global Citizens?
Another awesome article from David Penberg.

Five reasons to stop saying "Good Job".
1. Manipulating children
2. Creating praise junkies
3. Stealing a child's pleasure
4. Losing interest
5. Reducing achievement

What can we say when children do something impressive?
* Say nothing
* Say what you saw
* Talk less, ask more

It's not a box
Leading on from the imagination article, shared at work by colleagues but also seen on Dereks blog.
A video that supports the importance of imagination.

Bottom up
An article that reminds us to work with our colleagues and meet them where they are in terms of their learning and understanding, and vice versa.

Healthy Habits of Mind
Link to a wonderful video that reminds us to slow down and look at healthy habits of mind.
Mindful eating, mindful listening, mindful movement.

How do you plan?
Another article supporting my PYP learning.

13 October 2013

Reform Symposium - FREE High quality professional development.

Once again Twitter has offered a wealth of information and interesting links. The link to the Reform Symposium came across my feed today just in time for the Reform Symposium Opening Plenary Session. I popped into a number of workshops over the weekend, see below for bits and pieces I collected along the way.

Creativity with kids - Using Online Tools
Michelle Worgan
Recording can be found here

* Creative early
* Creative regularly
* Make it fun
* Make creativity a 'habit'.

Probably useful for older children. Children can add text, videos, songs, pictures to make their learning visible.

Tips and Tools to Teach Memorable Lessons
Roseli Serra
Recording can be found here

*Using images to promote language and conversation and to provoke questioning.

How to use Puppets to Promote How to use Puppets to Promote Student Learning Student Learning
Sam Patterson
Recording can be found here

* Puppets can be used for the 'fun and playful' aspect of learning
* Using puppets as a transition tool
* Using the puppets as a relationship tutor and a focus tool
* Puppets as a language learner
* Creating puppets as a part of technology learning

Direct Your Own Learning
Edna Sackson
Recording can be found here

* Who dares to teach must never cease to learn - John Cotton Dana
* Change thinking of 'professional development' to 'professional learning'.
* Those who are not 'connected' online are falling further and further behind.
* Lots of learning online and offline.

* Where are we providing spaces for 'teacher dialogue'.
* Recommended Reading - Making Thinking Visible http://www.amazon.com/Making-Thinking-Visible-Understanding-Independence/dp/047091551X
Making Thinking Visible website
* "Watching the learning is more important than watching the teacher" 
* Innovative learning spaces - really important.
* A large percentage of professional development in schools happens through conversation.
* Good reading on learning spaces http://www.jisc.ac.uk/uploaded_documents/JISClearningspaces.pdf
* River of learning (Children are spread across a large piece of paper, photos on a section of paper and ask children to reflect on their learning).
* Debrief/Reflection important for interrogating practice.

These are just a few thoughts from the workshops I have been too. There are a wide range of workshop recordings that can be seen here.