25 March 2017

Student Led Conferences in Kindergarten

Here at The KAUST School Kindergarten we've just wrapped up this years Student Led Conferences. The purpose of Student Led Conferences is for children to share and reflect on their learning with their parents and families. It's always so wonderful to see children take the lead in their learning.

Below are some examples of the learning engagements available for children and families in K2 (4-5 year olds), what types of learning engagements do you have in your Student Led Conferences?

22 March 2017

Team synergy and collaboration in BIG teams

Over the past two years I have been exploring various ways to create synergy and collaboration in my team. In K2 (4-5 year olds) we have up to 48 people working alongside each other for the greater good of children's learning. That's a lot of people!! (see breakdown below).

With so many people in a team, what opportunities do you see for team collaboration and synergy in a team with 48 people? We've tried a few things such as Humans of Kindergarten, Who am I? Digital stories and a Social Club Committee. I would be keen to hear how you work on team dynamics in your school, please comment below.

K2 Team Breakdown:

12 x homeroom teachers
12 x homeroom teacher assistants
1 x tech Integration/Library teacher
1 x library assistant
1 x tech integration assistant
1 x Arabic language teacher
1 x Arabic language teacher assistant
1 x PE teacher
1 x PE teacher assistant
1 x Performing Arts teacher
1 x Performing Arts teacher assistant
1 x Islamic Studies teacher
1 x Islamic Studies teacher assistant
1 x Pedagogical Coordinator (that's me)
1 x Principal
1 x Assistant Principal
1 x Receptionist
2 x Substitute teachers
2 x Counselors
1 x Learning Support
1 x Health Nurse
1 x Health Coordinator
1 x Speech Language Therapist
1 x Gifted and Talented Coordinator