12 September 2019

Nurturing learner agency through inquiry

Straight into the workshop with Kath Murdoch and she is challenging the group to assume at the crux of all learning is connectedness and relationships, and offers us a strategy to connect with the people in the group. 

Question swap strategy

What is one question you could ask anyone in the room in order to find out a little more about them?
Credit: kjinquiry

Write a question, find someone in the room and ask them your question, they then ask you a question - swap questions and find another person to ask your new question.

The way that you work with learners is so wound up in our beliefs about learning.

What is your image of the child?
Watch this video and identify words that describe the child.

What is the role of the teacher then?
* Facilitate the thinking
* Cultivate curiosity
* Scaffolding
* Design learning experiences that means kids are eager and hungry to find out.

How do I see the child?
How do I see myself?
How do I see the curriculum?
How do I view learning itself?
How do we see our community?

Know the curriculum so well, that you can let it go.

How well do you know the curriculum?

What is learner agency?

  • Having multiple pathways available to you?
  • Learners connecting with other learners
  • Agency means connection - self to others

Inquiry Strategy
  • THINK - Think of what 'learner agency' means to you
  • MAKE - Create your thinking using popsicle and matchsticks
  • LINK - Share your creation with another person, invite them to interpret it. You look at the other persons creation and interpret. Then find the common threads that link the understandings.

Gradual and immediate release of responsibility
Growing students learning capacity by flipping the instruction model

  • Which of these are great opening lines?
  • Share a list of opening lines from books.
  • Invite the participants to share the opening lines they like and why.
  • Write down they why words e.g. emotional, connectedness
  • Invite the participants to write their own opening line and share them..
  • Go and find more great opening lines
  • Now let's write.